6 Apps to Help You Step Into the New Year

6 Apps To Help You Step Into The New Year

If you’re like me, you probably have your cell phone within arms reach almost 24/7. When things get stressful, we often reach for the phone to play a quick game of Candy Crush or to call/text a friend to vent. Did you realize your phone could also help you learn coping skills to better combat your day-to-day stress and anxiety?  Here are just a few I have highlights to help you equip yourself with easy ways to take a hold of your anxiety, stress, and depression


This app helps you learn how to cope through various anxiety provoking situations. It takes you step by step – teaching you about your specific anxiety, how to cope with it, and offers ways to check in and record your anxiety overtime. It provides users with multiple ways to relax and stay mindful, ultimately recording some of your most used techniques for easy access.

MindShift is FREE and available for both iPhone and Android users.

2.  WHAT’S UP:

This app offers help to those dealing with anxiety, depression, and every day stress. Through deep breathing, thought stopping, and perspective taking, What’s Up walks users through easy ways to calm down quickly. There is a teaching section to better understand what you are feeling as well as a journaling section to track your progress.

What’s Up is FREE and available for both iPhone and Android users.


            This app is more of an electronic journal to help cope with daily stresses. Each day, users are encouraged to track their mood with a brief (only 140 words, which is less than a tweet!) journal entry. Daily moods are tracked to show patterns as well as key words in the journal entries are also highlighted to identify stressful triggers that may appear.

Stigma is FREE, but unfortunately, it is only available for iPhone users.


            This app focuses on teaching the user how to use deep breathing as a remedy for the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. It can measure your heart rate and walks users through an easy, three step process of deep breathing. It’s goal is to allow the user to focus more on their breathing, rather than the presenting stressors.

 Breathe is FREE, but again, only available for iPhone users.


            This app focuses on building coping skills for depression and anxiety. It teaches users how to use relaxation and and mindfulness in overwhelming situations. It tracks daily progress and invites users to create daily goals in attempts to live a more fulfilling life.

Pacifica is FREE and available for both iPhone and Android users.  


            This app is geared more towards health care providers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used by anyone! It teaches users how to assess for suicide and integrate suicide prevention techniques into their work with at risk people. It also serves as a place to locate near by treatment centers in case of emergency or referral.

Suicide Safe is FREE and available for both iPhone and Android users. 

Please be aware that these apps are meant to be a supplemental accessory to your holistic wellness. If you feel overwhelmed with life, please consider finding a competent therapist to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Written By: Sarah Henry, M.A.