Having Fun: One Aspect of Self-Care

            For those of us who are constantly taking care of others such as in the field of counseling, healthcare, childcare, or ministries we constantly find ourselves pouring out energy for the needs of others while not getting our own cups refilled. This may not just be beyond the helping fields but in your life as well.

            Whether you are taking care of your family, pets, or responsibilities that tend to others you are pouring your energy out to others. While this may not seem like a huge deal, eventually this steam will run out and everyone will have a piece of you except yourself. Once this happens you may find yourself low on energy and life.

            The most important key to this is to remember that we cannot take care of others unless we can learn to care for ourselves first. In the profession of counseling we refer this concept as self-care. What this means is that we learn to take time to refill our own cups of energy before we an continue to care for others. This means taking time for yourself and doing something that puts some fulfillment in your own life.

            Whether it is a form of exercise, sowing, gardening, playing video games, or some hobby that brings you peace it is important to make this time in your week as that big business meeting. Making time for yourself and having fun is but one way of utilizing self-care but it is by far a very good way of recharging your battery to take care of what you need to do for the rest of the week. 

Written by: Jasper Gates, M.A., LPC Intern