New Location!!!

Cy-Hope has moved to a new location:
12715 Telge Rd
Cypress, TX 77429
Please note that all future appointments will take place here.
We encourage you to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than usual to your next appointment so that you can give yourself time to get accustomed to the new place.  
For questions, please call us at 713-466-1360.
The entrance to the property where our office is located is directly across the street from Rockwell Grill.  The sign can be hard to miss.
​Once you turn onto the road, you will need to go all the way to the end of the road.  There will be a lot of buildings that you pass before getting to our office. Don't be alarmed; you are still on the right track!  Also, if you see a fork in the road (see below), just stay to the right and keep going. 
Once you pass the Kwik Kopy building and the Alamo, you will see a log cabin.  That's us!  There is a sign in front of our building with our name.
You might be able to find some parking on the side of the building, but if not then we have a large parking lot behind the building you can use.  There will be a sign that says "Cy-Hope Parking" and a small road that leads to the larger parking lot.
Once you park, you can walk back to our office and enter.  Depending on where you park, you can enter through the front and immediately see our receptionist's desk , or go through the back and walk around the fireplace to get to the same area.
We really appreciate your patience as when finalize all of the details of the move.  We know the transition may be a little bit jarring at first, but once everything settles, we are confident our new office will help us provide even an better quality of service to our clients.
See you soon!