Tricks or Treats? Drugs or Sweets?



What Every Parent Needs to Know About Edibles!
PictureLook Like Candy To You?
Look Like Candy To You? Of course it does, wonderful little sour candies that children love to eat. But is it Drugs or Candy? Watch out! It could actually be marijuana. Smoking pot is becoming old school as marijuana edibles are giving the old joint some real competition. Sales of marijuana edibles are escalating at shocking and alarming rates. With marijuana becoming more main stream it is not surprising that these types of candies and snacks are popping up.

Edibles: Not Your Father’s Pot Brownies
The active ingredient in marijuana is THC. This is not the same THC in the drug from the 70’s an 80’s, today it is at a much higher concentrate. Compound that with taking THC in an edible form and the impact of the high grows exponentially. Marijuana Edibles are found in gummies, chocolate bars, cookies, brownies, fudge, candy bars lollipops, coffee, tea, and a multitude of other sweet treat forms. These edibles are not just pot they are chemically altered drugs!



Marijuana Edibles How Much is a Dose?
When is the last time you ate just one gummy bear out of a bag? Probably never. One edible marijuana gummy has about 10 mg per serving of THC. So if you eat all ten gummies in a bag of marijuana edibles, it would be like taking the equivalent of 20 hits off a marijuana joint

Edible Dosage Can be Tricky!
Most users will eat multiple edibles because you don’t feel the high right away, sometimes it takes 1-2 hours to feel the effect. People get impatient and start thinking it didn’t work so if one doesn’t work, maybe two will do the trick. This leads to long nights of coping with overwhelming dizziness, hallucinations, stomach sickness (common symptoms of overdose), and emergency room trips.

Children & Edibles
Because edibles look just like candy, cookies, etc children can very easily be caught unaware and consume an edible thinking they are just having a snack. It is very difficult for a child to know the difference. For those that do understand what they are ingesting, it is much less intimidating to eat a brownie than to smoke a joint, leading to higher rates of use. Also, schools have a difficult time detecting the drug because they look like eating a candy or sweets. 

Educate Your Kids on Edibles
Kids can no longer assume that candy and sweet treats being passed out are harmless. Teach kids to not take or eat candy or treats from people that they do not know very well and TRUST! This includes the other student they see every day at school but don’t know well. Show them pictures of edibles and have them look closely at the packaging just because it looks like Hershey’s doesn’t mean it is. Check the spelling on the packages. And last but not least, have them bring you anything in question.

#1 Rated Edible
According to Marillow: "We've been repeatedly asked for more cookie varieties, and after several test batches the Peanut Butter M&M cookie reined champion. These delicious and powerful cookies taste wonderful and have a long shelf life. Contains 50 mg of THC."

Some things never change, such as, looking through your child's Halloween candy to make sure it is okay. Others things change constantly, drugs are ever evolving and readily available, not just to adults but to children. Educating your children is vital. Drug names will change, the look will change, and the drugs themselves change, but knowledge of symptoms and current trends will help create a safety net.

Written by Amy Wine, LPC Intern, LMFT-A