Ways to Help Curb Your Anger

            Do you often find yourself getting in a furious mood over the most little obstacles in your life? Anger can take a toll on the best of us even on our best days. For the most part anger is an emotion that is necessary to the human experience but having too much anger can cause much trouble for anyone. Sometimes learning how to control our anger  can help us out and make our experiences in life more enjoyable. Here are some ideas to help learn more about anger and how to reduce it.

            A big way to deal with anger is to learn what emotion is driving behind it. Often times, anger is a secondary emotion that is attached to a deeper feeling. Grief, hurt feelings, jealousy, sadness, and being denied something are examples of primary emotions that would influence anger. Exploring those deeper feelings will help you to learn more about what creates anger.

            Another important aspect of anger is recognizing your triggers. What makes you angry? Think of times in your past where you were angry and why you reacted that way. The more you are able to recognize your triggers it can help you communicate to others if your beginning to feel angry and recognize ways to calm yourself.

            Lastly, if you are feeling angry and in the heated moment, you can attempt to calm yourself by removing yourself from the situation. By excusing yourself, attempting to take a couple of breaths, and sometime to recollect yourself, this will allow you to work through the situation better and in some cases be the bigger person.

            Anger can be tough to deal with but if you are able to recognize your triggers, finding the emotions driving the anger, and learning to remove yourself from the situation can help you out greatly. Remember that your anger does not control you, you can control your anger! 

Written by: Jasper Gates, M.A. LPC Intern